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Re: Speedometer lying at high speeds?

> Then he claims that in Germany all Audi speedos from older cars are known 
for lying about speed, this true?

In my experience, the older, mechanical VDO speedometers used on ALL german 
cars tend to be optimistic ... their newer, electronic speedometers, however, 
seem to be pretty much right on the money.  I can verify this nearly every 
day since the Scottsdale Police have parked a radar-equipped speed trailer on 
streets around my house for the past week -- it displays your speed on a 
large digital readout as you drive by -- and my mother's '87 5k is always off 
by a few mph while my father's '91 100 is right on up to 55mph, which is as 
fast I've ever driven it past one of these trailers (fortunately, they're 
*not* equipped with cameras and don't generate any tickets ... yet!).