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Re: Restarting Unused 5I Engine

Bob Gregory wrote:
> What should I do in preparation before restarting it?
> I'm sure all the metal surfaces have terminal oil
> starvation.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I've had the same question in my mind for a couple weeks.  I'm
thinking (not having done this on an I5) that I would prime the
oil system by pulling the plugs and cranking the motor to get oil
pressure before trying to start the motor.  This is the only way
I can come up with to spin the crankshaft-mounted oil pump fast
enough to get any pressure.

(My other thought was to use an Accusump or similar device to
pre-pressurize the system during initial startup.  Anyone ever
used one of these things?)

Eric Fahlgren
The Murphy-Fahlgren Family            Try to take over the world.
efhome@adams.com                                  Canton, MI, USA