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Re: Speedometer lying at high speeds?

Alexander YES your friend is absolutely right.
Audi speedometer lie and are optimistic.

When traveling from Ancona port Italy to London in March 1998 with my wife,
I was able to compare my Garmin's GPS 3 reading with the RS2's speedometer.
The reading on the GPS was 265 while the speedometer one was close to 280
THe GPS readings are almost 100% reliable and accurate since they are a
result of real time comparison of position of the GPS unit. The actual
position of the GPS maybe offset by a margin but this does not reduce the
accuracy of the displayed momentary or average speed.

In addition the car itself provides you with a hint that it is not
accuretely counting the car's speed.
If you follow the climate control's diagnostic procedure and check on
channel 17 which displays the car speed, the A/C unit displayed speed is
always less to the one displayed on the speedometer.


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Subject: Speedometer lying at high speeds?

>    I am talking to my German friend as I write.  He is claiming that all
>Audi speedometers lie about speeds.  I told him my top speed which I
>achieved yesterday on a straight and very empty strech of highway.  The 3
>speed auto hit the end of it's range 6,200 rpm then the Motronic ECU said
>more.  The speedo read 130 mph which amazed me, I had never gone that speed
>before.  I stayed at that speed for a very short time but I know that is
>what the speedo read.  He claims that isn't possible in his book of Audi
>specifications.  He claims top speed for a 3 speed auto 2.0L 80 in Germany
>is 192km/h, my top speed of 130 mph is roughly 208km/h.  Then he claims
>in Germany all Audi speedos from older cars are known for lying about
>this true?
>    He sounded angry that my car did 130 with a 3 speed auto and his 1.8T
>K04 equipped 80 tops out at 165 mph.  He had his RS2 cluster checked at a
>Bosch facility and at 150km/h on the dial the actual speed was 142km/h.
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