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Re: Speedometer lying at high speeds?

At 08:59 AM 26/09/99 GMT, Phil Payne wrote:
>In message <005701bf07b2$7904e400$4f695ed1@avangerb> "Alexander van
Gerbig" writes:
>>     I am talking to my German friend as I write.  He is claiming that all
>> Audi speedometers lie about speeds.

I tested mine today:
(4000q, with 195/60 Yokohama Avid T4 tires)

Cruise on, level & straight straight highway, using GPS for 'reference'
(And hopefully acurate) speed:

Indicated 110 kmh, GPS says 115
Indicated 120 kmh, GPS says 125

For whatever you can do with the information...


Frank de Kat 
Dundas, Ontario, Canada

To see "The Rally Pictures"