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Re: 1990 200tqw-Undiagnosed vibration

Someone recently posted a part # for either a M-B or BMW  driveshaft center
bearing that can be used as a replacement of Type 44's, I believe, Ron.  It
should be in the current year archives within the last month or so.

Kneale Brownson

At 08:40 PM 9/26/99 -0400, Ron Frazier wrote:
>The vibration that I get comes only after I have driven the car for about 70
>miles on the Interstate.  For example, I went down to Chapel Hill on
>Saturday.  I drove down on the interstate, exited and came to a stop on the
>ramp.  When I took of from the light there was a vibration in the back half
>of the car as i went through 2nd gear. It was like driving on a wash board.
>On the way, home the ride was smooth until I slowed down for the first time
>at a stop light.  the vibration was a little more pronounced this time.  But
>when I took of from the light and went to my house I did not feel any
>vibration.  This vibration does not occur around town no matter how much
>driving I do.  It seems that I have to drive on the interstate for an hour
>or more.  I first thought that this amount of driving was required to heat
>up the tires and the tread was separating or someother strange phemonena.
>It does occur under power as well as I can remember.  Today I put the car up
>on stands and looked around.  The only thing that i saw that I can may be
>suggest as a cause is the appaerance of the drive shaft center bearing at
>the u-joint.  The rubber around the bearing seems to have gotten tired and
>the drive shaft is not being held in the center.  The rubber is compressed
>at the bottom.  I have seen this in my wife's Mercedes and there was a
>vibration however it felt sort of different.  But replacing it solved the
>problem.  I was distressed to read in the Bentley that you had to replace
>the entire drive shaft if you had a problem.  All suggestions and help
>Ron Frazier
>1990 200tqw
>1993 100csqw