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Re: spam

> Your a DAMN LIAR Jeff.....  I NEVER Talked with you about this..  Not once
>  not ever and you know it.

If you didn't mention it to me -- and you did, regardless of what you now 
claim -- then how did I know about it?  Like I said previously, we had 
several telephone conversations several years ago -- among other things, I 
recall you told me about the modifications you'd made to your Z-car back when 
you used to autocross it in the SCCA's BSP class, how you won several car 
stereo contests over the years, etc. -- and when the topic got around to how 
I made a living, you then proudly told me how you'd been fighting with the 
IRS for years and had negotiated a settlement with them about some disputed 

One of these conversations also resulted in my sending you a 4k subframe to 
use as a template for fabbing up some Delrin bushings in return for a 
discount on a set of your 5k bushings ... I suppose you also don't remember 
promising to return it to me last August, after I'd taken a few pot-shots at 
you about it then?  In any event, it never showed up.

Since all of our telephone conversations took place during the past four 
years and I'm sure you maintain your records this far back in deference to 
the IRS audit statutes, why don't you check your telephone bills to see how 
many times you called me at (602) 222-4771; for my part, I'll check to see 
how many times you called me with our (800) number.

Then we can decide who is (and has been) lying to whom and about what ... as 
for Torsens, I've quit that debate and have not said a word to date about the 
Haldex system because I know very little about it and have never driven a car 
equipped with one.  In fact, it's quite unlikely that I'll ever drive an Audi 
with one but that's another matter...         

JG (who really wishes he'd taped all of his telephone calls with Eric so he 
could shove the resulting cassettes up his ass ... sideways)