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Leaking Fuel Dist


About a month ago I dropped off my 88 80q to get timing belt done and asked
the mechanic to change the air filter aswell.  Ok, so far so good except
that there is a slight squeaking noise at idle from the belt after the car
has been driven for about 5-10 minutes.  Yesterday, the temperature warning
light started flashing.  So I pop the hood and notice there is a leak from
the fuel ditributor and fuel has leaked into one of the harnesses (at the
right front of the fuel distr).  The temperature sender had been changed
about 5 months ago (one on the side of the engine block just the hose that
comes from the radiator).

Now I want to drop of the car at the mechanic again.  Question is, is it
safe to drive in such a condition?  The squeaking.  Will it eventually go
away?  Could the leaky fuel dist and the temp gauge flashing be linked.

Any advice appreciated.


88 80q