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Re: spam

On Mon, 27 Sep 1999 01:21:48 EDT, JG wrote:

>As for your notion that the lack of a large number of contributors to a 
>thread is an indication of the degree of interest in it, I would disagree.  
>Many are the threads about topics with which I'm not familiar but find 
>fascinating and the fact that I may not choose not to contribute a response 
>generally means that I have nothing relevent or important enough to say ... 
>isn't that how these mailing lists are *supposed* to work?

I do sympathize with those who don't appreciate the airing of some
of the list's dirty laundry - it's right in there with the endless theoretical
arm wrestling matches and similar contests of will which do not serve the
public interest - but I have to confess to a certain voyeuristic satisfaction
at watching EF self destruct. Besides, I haven't received my very own
personalized insult yet.

DeWitt Harrison