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RE: warning lights

There are several indications that the "light" can give.  If you are talking
about the little red filtered bulb the states "BRAKES" it could be as simple
as the parking brake switch.  It could also be that the fluid level switch
in the brake fluid or hydraulic fluid reservoir is malfunctioning (assuming
that you have verified the proper level)  It might actually be completely
unrelated to the brakes if it operates as I recall my old Audi Fox worked
... check the wiring diagram for your car and the owners manual if you have

If you are talking about the "Auto-check" display, there are several
possible indicators ... one that looks like an old brake drum with pads
outside of it, lit in yellow indicates that the brake pad sensor circuit is
open, _usually_ indicating that the front pads on the car are nearing the
end of life.  If you see a red triangle related to the fault, you may think
that your brakes are working OK, but you really should investigate further.
The system may be trying to tell you that your hydraulic pressure
accumulator, brake servo is bad or there is a problem in the master
cylinder.  The pressure accumulator problem can be very insidious ... and
very dangerous, because under all but panic stop situations the system seems
to be just fine.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)