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RE: warning lights

I am very interested in replies to this as I also have the same thing
happening.  I physically verified the correct and safe operation of the
entire brake and hydraulic system so I just live with the light flashing
on the dash.  It doesn't seem to interfere with any other warnings (low
fuel, light out, etc.) so it doesn't bother me that much but I would
sure like to fix it if anyone knows how...  
Stephane Livolsi
180 Yorston St
Williams Lake, BC, V2G 3Z1
ph 250-392-2637
fax 250-392-2693

'86 5KTQ stock (if you don't know what it means, you aren't in the club)

>From: 	jamies@rkmi.com[SMTP:jamies@rkmi.com]
>Sent: 	September 27, 1999 10:50 AM
>To: 	quattro@audifans.com
>Subject: 	warning lights
>Thanks again to all that helped with my distributor problem, turns out the
>problem was a loose connection to the reference sender.
>No sooner was this problem corrected, a new one popped up.  The brake warning
>light now constantly flashes.  The fluid is new and at the correct level, and
>the brakes are performing very well.  Which other inputs does the warning
>The brakes feel great, but I guess it could be pads.  Does the light have an
>input from the pads?