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RE: R-134a Specs Request ('88 5KS)

Christopher said (and my plea is at the bottom):

> ml wrote:
> >We are changing over a 1988 5KS. Short questions. What kind of oil and
> >how much? How much R-134a?
> Just did this on mine.  The R-12 amount for this system is 38 ounces.
> Most
> retrofitters recommend that you use 80% to 85% of that amount for R-134a.
> Overfilling is _not_ better.
> I used the polyol ester that came with the $30 kit I bought from Pep Boys.
> I used ester oil because I did not flush the system.  I believe the
> general
> consensus is that PAG oil is better, but you need to get all the old oil
> out
> as PAG is not compatible with the R-12 oil.  I think about 8 ounces of
> ester
> oil came with the kit.
> I also did not vacuum the system before charging with the R-134a.  And I
> did
> not replace the accumulator/drier/reservoir.  This is the "cob job" way of
> retrofitting.  But it works great on my '88 5KS.  It seems that A/C system
> is robust enough to tolerate this.
> If you want to be able to get an R-134a gauge on the high side line
> fitting
> in front of the evaporator, you will need to use a 90 degree fitting
> (~$15).
> The straight one that comes in the kits will protrude too far forward for
> you to get the usual quick connect fitting on it.  That, and an extra can
> of
> R-134a (~$6) is all you will need to buy to do an approved retrofit.  Of
> course, if you never intend to measure the high side pressure, you would
> not
> put the R-134a fitting on there.
> The Bentley says to charge the system at the low pressure cut out switch.
> You can also charge at the Schrader valve right on the Nippondenso
> compressor.  The straight ahead R-134a fitting that comes with the kit
> will
> fit there and allow you enough access to get the charge hose on.
Hi Folks,
I tried this on my Nephew's 86 5kcs 5sp.  His compressor is leaking a bit,
he is a broke college student, and retrofitting seemed cheaper and more
environmentally friendly than refills with R-12. 

Problem is, I can't find the low-side service valve, and the service valve
near the condensor/accumulator, in front of the radiator, which I think is
high side, will only take one can of R-134, which is 340 ml.  Car needs 85%
of 1,100 ml R-134, and 1 can of oil.  Is it that I also need to blow all the
R-12 out of the system, and how can this be done (I think it was empty when
we attempted the charge), or I am connecting at the wrong place (and where
would the right place be)??  What am I doing wrong??  Help!!!

Gary Lewis 
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