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FS: V8 UrQ


Well folks it has been sometime since I have sent anything to the list, but I have resubscribed (and I see things haven't changed a bit) and as the subject line suggests, it's not with the best of news.
  Many of you know my better half (Valerie), well, she is now my fiancée (for those of you that didn't know) and we have wedding coming up (June 17th) and we just moved into a beautiful new house in the mountains. So, unfortunately, I am at a place in my life where this project is going to hinder more than help. It has sat in various states of completion for 2 years now and I just can't bear it! I would love to finish it and would love to see what it would be like, but I just don't have the time or dedication anymore.
  Rest assured, I will NOT go "Coupeless", I have my eye on an 85' that will probably grace my garage after the sale of the V8 Ur.
without further ado, here are the particulars:
83' UrQ #346, black,
74000 miles on the car and has been in Colorado since 1985
Car is extremely beautiful and needs very little to be fantastic
3.6l V8 from a 91' V8 5spd (as many of you know, the 5spd motor is essential to bolt up the 016 tranny) car has an honest 19k miles on it and comes complete with harness, ECU, 2 sets of headers, a spare set of heads, alternator, Spare distributors....well, lots of spares.
Completely brand new suspension, with: Bilstein Sports, the hyper rare Eibach Linear springs, strut bearings (the blue ones of course), Delrin A-arm bushings, ball joints, The now extinct Sport Wheels Sway bars (with Delrin Bushings), wheel bearings and seam welded subframes and brand new subframe bushings...all have 0 miles on them (well, the sway bars saw about 1500 miles of use) Oh yeah, both front tie rods are new.
Complete interior from an 87 4kcsq. Including dash, center console and carpeting. Customer gauge panel  for aftermarket VDO gauges. Also includes lots of gauges! Speedo, tach, oil temp and pressure, water temp, fuel level...all VDO "Vision" gauges.
  Seats and door panels from an 87 Coupe GT, Red Leather. Some like it, some don't. Don't pass judgement until you see it against a black car. It is truly good looking! Interior is in good shape, NOT perfect, but nice. No cracks in leather and have been treated with Hide food several times.
About $700 in powder coating...Valve covers, timing belt covers, motor mounts, brackets, oil pan, etc....all done in bright red.
Brand new Cibie Euro lights with brackets and sloping grill
Brand new Euro smoked tail lights with the correct Swiss license plate cut out.
TONS of new parts! Everything from a genuine timing belt to the chrome "V8" badges form the rear deck lid. WAY to much to list here! Probably over $1500 in just little spare part that I bought new at the dealer.....clips, nuts, bolts, gaskets, brackets, caps, rotors, spark plugs, oil filters, etc etc etc.....
  As this is not going to be a High HP 20vt car, I was going to use G60's and  stock 5ktq rotors. I figured that this would be enough to stop it...therefore that is what the car comes with. Calipers good and rotors new.
  I never did decide what I was going to about wheels, but I will give the buyer the choice of Fuchs or 7.5in 91' 200Q wheels. Both sets are in good shape
  I could go on and on, but there just isn't enough time. I guess in the end I have done more parts collecting that anything else in the past 2 years.  Here's the down side...what is will need:
  Something will have to be done about a brake master cyl. where the stock one resides, there is now a distributor for the left cyl. bank. I have yet to figure something out, but I haven't put THAT much thought into it.
  Next, you will need to do something about the Radiator. I have the dimensions needs and Griffin said they could supply for about $200. You would also need to plumb it.
  Motor mounts are not fabricated. Motor is in car, but currently sitting on sub-frame. Should be real easy though. My thoughts were to use a 'mercin style "doughnut" style mount that gets pinched between mount arm and whatever you weld to the frame rail. Should be easy.
Gastank is missing. I was going to run a fuel cell.
Other than that, it just needs to be put together.
I know I know, I can hear you all saying, "How Much". well, that's a fine question. I am torn between trying to get SOME of my money back and asking to much for a "Project"...and all this talk about what UrQ are worth lately...geeeze, that makes it all that much easier (sarcasm)!
  Here's the deal, I start adding things up in my head and going on actual offers I have had on the motor alone and I have to ask $6500.00. I know for a fact that I could part it out for more than that, but I DO NOT want to see that happen. I would prefer to see someone finish it and enjoy it. Is it a lot of money? Heck yes! However, I truly believe that it would take some work and not much more than $1000 to make this a VERY unique and FAST driver. On top of that, I am will to help the buyer in any way possible including providing all future parts purchases at cost (I work at a dealer).
  Think it's too much? Make an offer, but I think that I am not to far out of line here. Don't hesitate to drop a line with any specific questions.
  Anyway, that's the skinny. It's good to be back and I am enjoying the list banter already! :-)
Laters, Ben
71' NSU RO80
83' UrQ #346
88' 5KCDQ
89' 200Q
91' 200Q