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RE: ATF for hydraulic fluid

I have a supplier here in Toronto for the Pentosin branded CHF 7.1 in a 1
litre can for $21 CDN (plus tax)

Interesting to note with th label being in German, English and Japanese it
also has a BMW part number - 81-22-9-407-549

Does this mean that there is perhaps some of this liquid gold at another
location besides VW/Audi dealers?



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Hey if I could get it for $15 Canadian, I would be a happy man.  The
biggest problem is getting it locally, period/

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>>I have found mineral based hydraulic fluid very hard to get in my area
>>and they want an arm and a leg for it.  Is ATF a suitable substitute?
>You mean, you don't like 15 bucks (USD) a liter?
>Brendan Barry
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