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Major Changes [Please Read]

Sorry to keep bothering all of you with this stuff, but I can assure you
this is the last time. For those of you that don't know, my A4 website
URL has been in havoc recently as I was booted off my server for some
strange reason (they never told me or responded to my e-mail). This was
followed with a switch back to my old server, but then I started looking
for a better URL.

So, from now until forever my URL is:


Please discard any links/bookmarks of my old addresses (as follows)

To eliminate any other confusion, I will be deleting all other URL's

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone who is linked to my site from
their webpages would change the link to reflect the current URL.

Thanks for reading,

99 A4 1.8TQMS K04 Santorin
http://a4q.tripod.com (new URL!!! Please change all links and