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Re: Does Audi paint die?

    Seems as if silver Audis have paint problems:-(  I really like the
silver paint job on my car, although the Audi metallic green is my all time
favorite.  I don't like flat colors too much, tornado red is nice though,
too flashy for me though.  RS2 blue is quite nice, but overkill as well.  My
clearcoat isn't peeling, hasn't started yet.  But the cracks are there along
with all these long scratches from the original owner wiping pollen off with
a brush for 8 years.  Not mention the car never lived in a garage for the 8
years either.  Probably lucky the paint hasn't self destructed after this
many years of abuse.
    Well seems as if local fancy shmancy autobody shop is expensive just
like everything in area, but this is extreme, $4500 for a full paint!  I
mean I can remove all the needed equipment, bumpers, lights, door handles,
trims...  Then I can even sand the damn car, that isn't very hard.  Painting
is even that hard according to a buddy of mine, time consuming but not very
hard.  Although this autobody shop uses Audi original paints, blah blah...
    So it seems as if it's time to save some more money for a decent paint
job.  Anyone got any good suggestions for color on my 80?  Alloy rims, RS2
mirrors soon, white corner markers, blue interior.  I don't know about the
blue interior with the green metallic paint, hmmm.


Alexander van Gerbig
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