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New 200Q Owner

It was time to replace my aging 87 5000SQ (350km), looked for a couple of
months and came across and excellent 90 200Q. Boy what a difference. This is
the first turbo car I have owned. I am not new to the Audi line I still have
a 90 90Q20V and just sold the 87 for what I paid for it 2 years ago.

The car has 141km on it. What preventative maintenace should be looked at at
this point? Any turbo related pointers from the "old pro's"? 
The one thing I have noticed it has a hard cold start. It takes two tries
then it's fine. Neither of my other Audi's have had this problem. I will do
a tune up this weekend, plugs, filters, oil, etc. and hopefully this will go

Gary Boyd
90 200Q
90 90Q20V
87 5000SQ, sold
80 Triumph TR7

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