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Re: 5kTQ swaybar upgrade?

So this bolted right up, no modifications??  Wow, if that's the case that
will be great.  Thanks for the help.


On Tue, 28 Sep 1999 OorQue@aol.com wrote:

> >  I couldn't find anything in the archives, and can't find ANYWHERE that 
> sells one.
> Try your local Audi dealer ... the 4.2L V8s came with a 30mm front bar (as 
> compared to your 26mm bar) along with a pair of heavy-duty cast aluminum 
> mounting brackets.  I paid approximately $300 for everything from Linda @ 
> Carlson and it bolted right onto my '89 200q.  Unfortunately, I haven't 
> driven the car yet -- the engine's still out -- so I can't tell you whether 
> it's an improvement or not.  FWIW, I've got Koni Sports with '92 S4 springs 
> on my car, front and rear...
> BTW,  the front a/r bar on my '87 5k measured 22mm, the one on my mother's 
> '87 5k wagon is 24mm and the one on my father's '91 100 is only 21mm ... I've 
> also heard rumors of 27mm and 28mm bars on some S4s and S6s but I have 
> measured a few over the years and they were all 26mm just like the ones on 
> the 5ktq and 200q.  
> JG