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Re: 5kTQ swaybar upgrade?

>  I couldn't find anything in the archives, and can't find ANYWHERE that 
sells one.

Try your local Audi dealer ... the 4.2L V8s came with a 30mm front bar (as 
compared to your 26mm bar) along with a pair of heavy-duty cast aluminum 
mounting brackets.  I paid approximately $300 for everything from Linda @ 
Carlson and it bolted right onto my '89 200q.  Unfortunately, I haven't 
driven the car yet -- the engine's still out -- so I can't tell you whether 
it's an improvement or not.  FWIW, I've got Koni Sports with '92 S4 springs 
on my car, front and rear...

BTW,  the front a/r bar on my '87 5k measured 22mm, the one on my mother's 
'87 5k wagon is 24mm and the one on my father's '91 100 is only 21mm ... I've 
also heard rumors of 27mm and 28mm bars on some S4s and S6s but I have 
measured a few over the years and they were all 26mm just like the ones on 
the 5ktq and 200q.