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Re: 5kTQ swaybar upgrade?

> Try your local Audi dealer ... the 4.2L V8s came with a 30mm front bar (as
> compared to your 26mm bar) along with a pair of heavy-duty cast aluminum
> mounting brackets.  I paid approximately $300 for everything from Linda @
> Carlson and it bolted right onto my '89 200q

I have been wanting a stiffer bar for my 87 5KTQ since I have owned the car.
Thank you so much for the info!!
I tried looking up the part # for the bars on the V8 but the biggest I could
find is 28mm (which would still be an improvement over the 26mm)
Do you have the part #'s for the 30mm unit and the aluminum bracket? the
ones on the "family pictures" all seem to use the same clip.

Thanks for the info

Mike Guidotti