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Apology-was wheels FS

To anyone who contacted me about my brothers 15" 5x112 steel wheels
with 205/60-15 Pirelli P210 Ice tires for sale, I apologize for not
getting back to you.  I had to go participate in some military exercises
for an extended time, and forwarded the list of interested parties to my
brother (not on the list).  Apparently, he just sat on it.
I apologize... I know how irritating that must of been.

Anyway, the wheels/tires are now in the Minneapolis area, as his 
ex-roomate got sick of looking at them.  They are still FS, price is now
$150 to partially cover the shipping cost my brother had to pay, plus
they are in better condition than my brother remembered.
The wheels are in great shape, and tread depth is 8/32 on one pair and
7/32 on the other.  This is about one more good season left.

Note- these are NOT the 15" alloys (200oem 15x6, ET45 BBS-style) that I
have been talking to some of you about, although those are still for
sale ($200/set, very good condition).

Erik Addy