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RE: Bilstein Warranty Exercising

I said:


> Question is, I've heard that Bilstein has some kind of warranty.  I don't
> want money, I want a new shock.  How do I exercise my rights?  I have the
> receipt from the original installer, who bought the shock and installed
> them, so I don't know who he purchased them from.  My first idea is to
> call
> RD enterprises and see if they know how.  Any other comments are
> appreciated.
> TIA,
Thanks to everyone for the inputs.

I called RD Enterprises before I got any responses, and I am sorry to say
the guy was a total rude jerk.  And I was VERY polite.  He wasn't interested
in helping me at all, either by suggesting a course of action or selling me
a shock.  He said no app for my car, and wouldn't sell me a warrantyable
shock based on another number.  Too bad as these guys seem to be the
cheapest Bilstein supplier around.

All the responses generally said to call Bilstein, so I did.  As Jeff and a
few others pointed out their S.D offices, I called there.  NICE change in
attitude.  The guy that does the warranties was out to lunch, but the lady I
did talk to was SUPER nice.  I'll call back.

What I need to know is what is the part number for Bilsteins on my 1990 tqa.
What is on there is:
Front - P36370
Rear -  B46130
These are listed as 5000 or 100 shocks. What is everyone using??
TIA and thanks for all comments so far, the help has been right on...

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