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Re: Eurospec #

In a message dated 10/1/99 12:10:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
auditude@neta.com writes:

<< Ya know, I was up in the San Jose/Gilroy/Hollister area just a few 
 weeks ago for the first time, and I was all excited that I might stop 
 by (funny how I just first typed "buy", like a Freudian slip) Eurospec 
 and check it out.  I was disappointed that they didn't have any kind 
 of a showroom, and they referred me to GPR (IIRC).
 Oh well.  I got a bit of a glimpse of some kind of 4k parked in the 
 back that looked to have some Ronal R8's that were large than 14".
 Ken >>

    Yes, well we are only a wholesaler and not quite a retailer yet.  To 
serve the retail customer would take energy away from the vital funtions that 
make us a wholesaler.  This may change in the future.  To many of you on the 
list, I realize that Eurospec's dealer network has been weak in the past.  I 
am currently developing a dealer network that will actively support Eurospec 
products, and provide knowlegeable service about Eurospec products.  I will 
keep you all updated as things develop...
    BTW, that 4k is bone stock, I thought it might be a sleeper when I first 
started.  I will be buying a 4kq soon to use as a test bed for new 
products...fun stuff! 
Javad Shadzi
88 80Q