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Re: '86 4KQ vs. "86 Honda Accord

I hate to say this but in the short time I have owned a well-taken-care-of 
4KQ, I've gone through several door handles, numerous interior and exterior 
trim pieces, heater control cables, electrical problems, window and mirror 
switches, seatbelt retractors, and poor engineering/quality control 
difficulties too numerous to mention.  Neat car, fun to drive when it's not 
at the shop, but a never-ending source of frustration.  Something is always 
broken on this car, requiring yet another trip to the local VW/Audi salvage 
yard where numerous examples reside.

My boring Honda Accord (same year) has never required anything other than 
routine maintenance (oil changes, timing belt, brakes, tires) after 180,000 
miles.  Everything still works as new!  Looks good, drives good despite years 
of abuse.  

What was Audi doing during the '85-'87 period?