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Re: '86 4KQ vs. "86 Honda Accord

On Mon, 4 Oct 1999 JOlson1967@aol.com wrote:

> at the shop, but a never-ending source of frustration.  Something is always 
> broken on this car, requiring yet another trip to the local VW/Audi salvage 
> yard where numerous examples reside.

Oh!  You don't know the secret!  You have to keep at least one or two
things broken on an Audi to keep the Audi Gods at bay.  Just kidding.  But
seriously, trying to keep up with every niggling thing will put you and
your checkbook into the looney/empty bin.

> What was Audi doing during the '85-'87 period?

Probably wishing 60 Minutes didn't exist.

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