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Re: UR Quattro 20v

South Hereford Garages had Tornado Red 20v earlier in the year with only 40
miles on it - they may still have it. A couple of years ago they had an
un-registered one with 0 miles, it was suggested at the time that an offer
of GBP40K _might_ be accepted.

Jim Haseltine
88 Tornado Red (mostly) Ur quattro much more than 40 miles and covering an
area of about 100 square feet at the moment.

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Found in alt.autos.audi ... btw, did this car really go unregistered for
years?  The mileage seems low enough...


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Subject: For Sale in UK UR Quattro
From: "Bob" <Bob@quattro.clara.co.uk>
Date: Mon, 04 October 1999 01:10 PM EDT
Message-id: <kc5K3.3264$M4.104321@nnrp4.clara.net>

UR Quattro 20v registered 1996 N5 QUAT (N50 UAT), 20,000 miles, full service
history, one owner, Panther Black, grey half leather/Quattro cloth, the
second youngest UR Quattro in the UK!  22k return email please if you are
interested in owning one of the few.