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Two new Audi books

Sutton's Photographic History of Transport: Audi
Paul Harris

Sutton Publishing Ltd, Stroud, Glos, 1999. ISBN 0 7509 1925 6
160 pages

Audi company history, more (B&W) pics than text, pretty accurate overall
and IMO of higher quality than The Audi File- cheaper, too.
Contents are arranged pretty logically, starting with the marques that made
Auto Union, the 'rebirth' of Audi, then the recent models arranged into
80s, 90s and A4s- 100s, 200s and A6es- Coupes and Cabriolets- UrQuattro- A3
&TT- V8 & A8- S-cars- Prototypes- The future of Audi. Pretty nice overall,
but I guess a larger publishing firm could've made it into a full-colour
book for the same price. Still, it's good that someone writes books about
Audi I guess...

Das TT Buch
Juergen Lewandowski-David Staretz-Herbert Voelker

Delius Klasing Verlag, Bielefeld, 1999. ISBN 3 7688 1117 4
140 pages

'Mr. Sport Quattro Book', Lewandowski, strikes again. This is a relatively
expensive but extremely well-produced book, nice layout and great pictures.
Not if you're very interested in the nuts and bolts of the TT (although
there is a nice section on the Haldex), more if you like superb
photography, the evolution from prototype to final product, the background
on the launch of the TT, and  the ad campaigns. A coffee table book- but
one of the best I've seen recently.