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RE: A8 Front Brakes on an 80?

On Tue, 5 Oct 1999, Kaklikian, Gary wrote:

> I am beginning to agree with your tuner on the G60's. I've spent way too
> much money trying to get the G60 setup on my car working right on the track.

Todd Candey of Vortrag stopped making the conversion brackets for the 4kq.
Maybe this is a hint that it wasn't a stupendous upgrade.  Less fade, I've
heard, but not much more stoppage.

Big Reds, of course, is the way to go, but that is way out of most
people's budget.  Vortrag's Level 2 ($1850) sounds excellent, but still,
too much for me.

I'm going to suggest going with better pads and fresh fluids.  Those
usually make a good amount of difference.  I've been told to go with some
Paul Weston pads by someone that has 'em.  YMMV.


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