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Re: Anyone have *experience* with Audi's extended warranty?


Haven't had any experience with Audi's, but if it is from Audi it should be
fine.  You only have to worry about the service contracts if they are from
an aftermarket company.  The manufacturers plans are comprehensive, and
remember, they have more at stake.  They want you to be very happy so that
you will buy another of their cars.  The aftermarket companies, OTOH, don't
care what you  buy next, they are in the business of selling plans, not
fixing cars.  In my experience (15 yrs in retail car biz) any
*manufacturers* service plan is worth the $$$.  Make sure you read it
though.  Some only cover internally lubricated components of the engine and
trans (powertrain) while some cover every mechanical and electrical part on
the car (the one to get), and some now even cover normal scheduled
maintenance.  Although I think Audi covers maintenance as part of the
factory warranty.  Price is of course commesurate with coverage.  It will
probably cover rental car, but usually that provision requires an overnight
repair, IOW, enough labor hours that it cannot be completed in a day.  You
must give them sufficient time to complete the repair in a day as well.  So,
if you drop the car off 15 minutes before closing for a 1 hour job, that
doesn't count cuz you didn't give them enough time to complete the job.
Don't forget the negotiation on it too.  There is generally a pretty good
profit for the dealer in a service plan and whereas I feel the dealer
deserves a fair profit, you don't have to pay full list for the service
plan.  Especially if you payed full list for the car.  As far as honoring
it, if the plan is from Audi, any dealer will honor it as they are assured
of getting their money.  Make sure you keep good records of your
maintenance.  If you have a blown engine and nothing but sludge in your
crankcase then you will have a problem getting them to cover it.
I'm sure you will get alot of opinions on this subject, but having BTDT I
can tell you that the only thing that does more for overall satisfaction is
a car that never breaks.
Good luck and enjoy your S4!
'62 MGA
'86 4kcsq

> That is, has anyone actually attempted to exercise the warranty? How good
> is it? Are there a lot of little loopholes - does it somehow not cover a
> lot of likelye problems? How good are dealers & AoA about honoring it?
> Any insight would be helpful - I'm trying to decide if I should get it for
> my S4 which should be delivered next week.
> -Avram
> '87 4kcsq
> '94 del sol VTEC
> '00 S4 (on a truck - so they tell me)