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Outside Thermometer, Radioshack Fix??

Hi all,
My 1988 5kcstq (Actually Paul Meyers, I'm just holding it til he can pick it
up) shows 20 degrees F. outside whilst it is really 95 F.  Archives produced
the email below, but I don't know a thermistor from Jack, so can someone
toss me a Radioshack part number or something?  Also, WTF is this thing

Many thanks!!!

Gary Lewis 
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Hairy green toads from Mars made scott miller say:

> My A/C system all worked when hotwired, but the magic box on my dash 
> wouldn't give me cold air.  Even my genius, Quattros on the brain 
> brother couldn't fix this one, bad sign.  I noticed the outside temp 
> displayed 11 degrees constantly.  I replaced the temp sensor on the 
> grill with a variable resistor and the controller gave me air.  I'm 
> getting by with a ten-Ohm resistor stuck in the connector, I could use 
> another sensor if anyone has one.

You could use the Thermistor approach from Digikey (or RadioShack),
or you could cruise a junkyard or used parts places. These things
generally last forever, and they are easy to remove.

I bet $2 and 3 minutes with a screwdriver and wire clippers would
get you one at a junkyard.


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