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Re: No Spark V8Q

I saw the ROTORS lined up...Not the cam.... This may be the problem. They
didn't break any pins (this was reference to another post). Didn't know
rotors were adjustable. (didn't look at that). I guess I will need to get
the tool or find another way to set cam to TDC. Looks like I'll be driving
the back-up car for a while longer.
Rex Pedersen
85 5ks
86 5ks wagon
87 5ksQ
90 V8q
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> "Rex Pedersen" <fega@fega.com> writes:
> >Checked with my shop today. They had both cams and harmonic balancer
> >right on the marks. I saw it.. Still no spark. They didn't use the
> special
> >tool to hold cams (I think the pin that breaks) but they look like they
> line
> >up fine.
> Exactly what marks did they show you??  There are NO reference pins in
> the cams, front or rear, and NO reference marks on the cam sprockets.
> The tool goes into the distributor slot, cam is at TDC, period.  16 valve
> springs per cam and no reference marks on the pulleys make it very
> difficult to get both cams exactly where they should be without the
> alignment/holding tools. There are no woodruff (I think that's what
> they're called) keys in the sprockets of the V8Q cam.  Since distributors
> are adjustable, rotor alignment means nothing without a reference such as
> having the valve cover off and seeing lobe position.
> I'm guessing here, but they have probably damaged the distributors, or
> even the coil pack or wiring in some way.  Or hopefully just left some
> Mickey Mouse connector loose.  Treat this as a normal no-start condition
> and start pulling codes.  IF they claim to have damaged the reference
> pins...lacking the correct tool, they may have put a screwdriver in the
> flywheel to hold the balancer...I don't even want to think of what could
> have happened with this scenario, as the V8Q flywheel isn't the heaftiest
> of flywheels.
> When I changed the timing belt on my V8Q, I forgot to connect the hall
> sender on the distributor and the car still ran fine without it
> connected.
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