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RE: pressing issue :-)


I did keep a post from Scott Mockry on this issue, Scott, I hope you don't mind me sending it out again??


You asked:
>I need to change the rear outer subframe bushings on my '87 5kS.
>Can I do it with the subframe still attached to the car and "normal"
>tools, or do I have to take the car to a mechanic with a hydraulic
>press to get it done ($$)?

I assume you are referring to the front suspension subframe bushings. I normally remove the entire front subframe and then use a drill and appropriate drill bit to drill out the rubber on the inside of the rear bushings, then I use an air chisel or chisel and hammer to collapse the outer metal sleeve on the bushing to allow it to be popped out of the subframe using a hammer and socket. 
A bench vise and a couple of large sockets can be used to press the new rear subframe bushings back in. Use one socket to support the back of the subframe, and another socket around the bushing end to push in the metal edge. Handling the subframe while holding the sockets/bushings can be a handful, so having a helper assist you can be a big help. Make sure you orient the bushings correctly, with the two slots pointing along the longitudinal axis (front to rear) of the subframe respectively. The Bentley manual shows this important detail.
To remove the  Front subframe bushings, I cut off the thick rubber lip with a razor knife, and then just push them out with a socket/hammer. Pressing them in can also be done with a bench vise, be sure to use a  inch or equivalent socket and press on the small inner sleeve to stretch the thick rubber end of the bushing outward to allow it to pop in place and be retained by the rubber lip. If you try and press on the outer metal sleeve area, you will have a rough time getting these in.
Scott Mockry

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>The replacement should push in, but it has rubber flanges on 
>each end, so they don't want to go in without deforming the 

Silicone, lots of silicone spray.



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