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Re: Special Tire Pricing?

In a message dated 10/10/99 11:09:06 PM Eastern Daylight Time, gregsj@iea.com 

> I went to my local Les Schwab Tire store last weekend to obtain pricing
>  on Hapks 1 205/55R-16s and their pricing within .39 of what's being
>  offered to the QList.  With all due respect, what's so special?
>  Greg Johnson

Wow?  Really?  I even checked out several advertised Nokia dealers and 
verified that my eastern NY distributor was in fact giving superb pricing.  I 
never once said it's "the best pricing in the whole wide world" but honestly, 
I am surprised.  I know many dealers charge full list and not a penny less, 
because there is little Nokia competition.  Well, anyway, check to see if Les 
Schwab (never heard of them, but a local chain store?) will ship tires, and 
if so, maybe post to the list as an alternative?  If the group purchase 
doesn't happen, it doesn't happen.... but at least there might be another low 
cost alternative out there.

Best Wishes,
Mark Rosenkrantz