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Need p/n for mystery part


I was mucking about my drivers side door to fix a few things on my '88 90q, and found a chunk of metal(aluminum?). It was at the bottom of the door on the inside(the space where the glass is). The part is about 1-3/4 inches top to bottom and has a non-threaded hole in what I assume is the center. It has been cut or broken down the middle. The profile is shaped like a bracket " [ ". It's an Audi part with the p/n 893831xxx. The last digits are cut off! The rest of it doesn't seem to be around. The door problems are: 1) Window switch only works as a "one touch"(i.e. if you press the switch to open, it rolls all the way down)
2) The latch does not always stay open after opening the door(i.e. the latch will be closed so when I shut the door, it smacks against the post)

I think I have #2 fixed as the cable to the inside door handle was not connected correctly. Although it appears that the spring that connects to the latch may be broken or disconnected. It seems to work for now.

I hope I provided enough info. Maybe the part is unrelated to the door, and was put there just to drive me crazy!


Michael Lemon
Kansas City, MO
'88 90q