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RE: Torsen retraction (NOT - Here's the bite test for Dave)

Dave writes:
>i guess that is as close as you every get to acknowledging that you've been
>bs'ing again...

Where's your cards man?   You're bluffing, don't put them back in the deck so 

>just for the record, the audi "torsen in centre application" does not make
>any reference at all to "spider bite".

JUST for the record:  Your Reference  SAE 885140  
Dave, since you own the paper, here's my open book quiz for you, a bit more 
specific, you don't need all the data, just a couple pages, we can all draw 
the same conclusions from your answers below.

Per your SAE reference and it's methodology:
What is the 40m radius turn f/r torque split on a fully loaded 80q while 
accelerating in a turn on dry pavement?  What is it at 15m radius?

What causes that f/r torque shift?  What handling characteristics of the 
chassis would you expect?  U or O?  Any conclusions you can draw between the 
15m and 40m radius in terms of torque shift?

Would that f/r torque shift change when you drive on snow?  What handling 
characteristics would you expect in snow with that same f/r torque shift?  U 
or O?

What happens to that f/r torque shift when you straighten out the wheel (exit 
the turn)?  Remember the constants when you walk thru this exercise.  What 
would you expect the chassis dynamics to be?  U or O?

What happens when either front or rear axles reach the limit of adhesion 
during the above exercises?  What does that do in terms of chassis dynamics?  
U or O or both or either?  

Insert the locked centre diff in the above, what happens (hint: again 
remember the constants to the exercise methodology in your white paper)?

You answer these questions directly from your 'cards' you will find the bite. 
 Be careful, you haven't addressed my "overcook" post fully either.  I look 
forward to your revelations.  There are also some questions I asked you 
earlier regarding your 'white paper' that remain unanswered.  

You will be allowed to retract your retraction on this list.

Thanks in advance for your responses.

Scott Justusson