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Re: car stereo-philes needed

On Wed, 13 Oct 1999, Todd Phenneger wrote:

> I'm not sure who wrote the info below but its incorrect.  (Grrr,
> disadvantage of the digest, personal replies are a pain sometimes.)

> >clashes so badly.  Not only that, but it's distracting.  The red is
> >soothing but the Alpine green is not.

I wrote it.

> 	Anyhow, you can get Alpines with Red Illumination now.  The Old
> units were green only unless you wanted to change the illumination
> yourself.  New Ones Red is an option.  

The new ones have a dual illumination you can turn on and off.  This makes
the green amber, from what I saw at a shop.  The only problem is that the
LCD panel is still green.  But better than the previous models, it isn't
so greenly lit up from behind.  It still is green, no matter how you slice
it.  (Unless Alpine changed head units again on me.  I just checked the
site, and it seems that the main text parts are still green.)

They also have an interesting "blackout" feature on most models.  After
5-10 seconds, the entire display, save a few key buttons, disappears.  Now
that cuts down on distraction!

> 	also, I rather like the Newer Alpine Green units.  The old ones
> were WAY to bright and distracting but my new Alpine is green (bought the
> first one in the store before the red ones came out) and I like it.  Much
> more subdued than the old ones.  Actually rather "soothing green".  :-0

Oh, definitely more subdued.  I _love_ Alpine decks.  That's why I have
two.  Well, had two - until some THIEVES STOLE ONE LAST NIGHT.


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