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Re: car stereo-philes needed

On Wed, 13 Oct 1999, Mark L. Chang wrote:

> I wrote it.

	Figures. :-)   Just kidding.  :-)  :-)

> The new ones have a dual illumination you can turn on and off.  This makes
> the green amber, from what I saw at a shop.  The only problem is that the
> LCD panel is still green.  But better than the previous models, it isn't
> so greenly lit up from behind.  It still is green, no matter how you slice
> it.  (Unless Alpine changed head units again on me.  I just checked the
> site, and it seems that the main text parts are still green.)

	No, come to think of it, I think you are right.  But that doesnt
really bother me.  Especially with the new displays.  They are pretty
nice.  The entire new units are a great layout.  

> They also have an interesting "blackout" feature on most models.  After
> 5-10 seconds, the entire display, save a few key buttons, disappears.  Now
> that cuts down on distraction!

	Didn't know that.  CAn you defeat it.  Hope so.  but that would be
nice for long drives at night on the highway.

> Oh, definitely more subdued.  I _love_ Alpine decks.  That's why I have
> two.  Well, had two - until some THIEVES STOLE ONE LAST NIGHT.

	That Bites.  Wish I could load a sharpened CD like the Disc Xena
uses and have the player shoot it at any potential thieves.  :-)  Or do
like my HS Chemistry/Electronics/Ham Radio Proffesor always wished he
could do without getting Sued and wire the car electically so if they
touched it they got shocked.  :-)  Isp if they were taking the emblem off
the front of a Benz or something.  :-)
	Hmmm, New Idea.  If i ever have a Benz, I could do liek the MTM TT
and the Audi 4-ring Exhaust and get original.  Maybe use two Benz Emblems
as Dual Outputs for the Exhaust???  that might look pretty cool.
	I love the fact that Alpine went back to REAL Volume Controls.  I
lke having a Knob.