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SUMMARY RE: One Touch Up Driver's Window, question

>Since you have done such an extensive study on the subject..........
>If I can get the relay (the one for up one touch ) would that be a "plug and
>play"? currently I have (in my 86q) a one touch down.
>My understanding is that it should? Your comment...........
>Take care,

If your 5000/100 is mid-1988 or later (44-J-200100>>) I am sure
it will work.  The Family Album shows either 441 959 257* or 443 959 257*
for these models.  There may be some missing or additional features, and
you probably have to strap signals 15 and 61 (pins 1 and 4) on the new
relay together, and it works.

If your car presently has some version of the 443 959 257 part,
your car has fewer luxury features than the cars that use the 441 959 257.
If you can find a 443 959 257 (no suffix), it should be less expensive
than the 441* part, and also do one-touch-up.  It's more trouble than
the 441* part, though, because now the 441* part seems to be available
in the US, and to the best of my knowledge, the 443 959 257 is not.

It's not a clear-cut answer for the older cars:
The Family Album shows a wider variety of relay numbers for the 1985-1987
and some 1988 cars (>>44-J-200099).
The full list:  8A0 927 826,  443 951 253B, 441 959 257D, 443 959 257.
The quattro models used 443 951 253B and the fwd models
had one of the other three, depending on year (see table at end of mail.)

The 8A0 927 826 and 443 951 253* numbers are strangers to me, and I
do not know whether these are interchangeable with the other two
sets (441 959 257*, 443 959 257*.)
Were there really serious wiring harness changes in these cars,
depending on whether they were quattro or fwd? I don't know.

As to it's Plug and Play aspect, yes, it is ALMOST plug and play.
You have to check whether the socket where your relay plugs in
has a contact on terminal 4.   This is the signal named #61, and
it is a signal that tells the one-touch-up relay that it's OK to enable
one-touch-up.  On the Euro models, this contact is present.
On my US-Spec 1995 A6, it was not.  So, BEFORE I plugged in the relay,
I strapped pins 1 and 4 of the new relay together (turns out pins
1 and 4 are right next to each other.)  Pin 1 is signal #15, ignition on,
so in my car, one-touch-up is enabled whenever the ignition is on.
(In the original Euro harnesses, pin 4/signal #61 gets a signal from
the voltage regulator, so one-touch-up works only if the engine is
running.  I wasn't that ambitious.)

If your harness does have a contact on pin 4/signal #61, you've got
to try to figure out if it's connected to the right thing.
I'd put a voltmeter on it and measure the voltage with the ignition
off, ignition on/engine stopped, ignition on/engine running, etc.
If it looks like the right signal, great.  If it doesn't looks right,
you've got a choice to make: cut the wire ?

If you've read this far, here's a table showing the relay number
versus year and model.  There are notes about VIN ranges and sometimes
equipment packages on the right.  100n means FWD.
100 without a n or Q means either, or I was too lazy to check both.

RELAY_______ ___YEARS______________   MODEL ____VIN_RANGE__________
8A0 927 826  85                       100n            >>43-F-300000
443 951 253B   86                     100n 43-G-000001>>
441 959 257D     87                   100n
441 959 257D       88                 100n            >>44-J-200099
443 959 257        88                 100n 44-J-200100>>
443 951 253B 85                       100Q
443 951 253B   8687                   100Q
443 951 253B       88                 100Q            >>44-J-200099
443 959 257        88                 100Q 44-J-200100>>
443 959 257          8990             100Q
443 959 257              91           100Q            >>44-M-050000
441 959 257D             91           100Q 4A-M-000000>>
443 959 257B             91           100Q 4A-M-000000>>            PR-4R2
441 959 257B             91           100Q 4A-M-000000>>            PR-4R3
441 959 257D               92         100
441 959 257D                 9394     100             >>4A-P-150000
443 959 257B                 9394     100  4A-R-000001>>            PR-4R2
441 959 257B                 9394     100  4A-R-000001>>            PR-4R3
441 959 257B                     95   A6

PR-4R2 is a code that means power windows from doors only.
PR-4R3 is a code that means power windows front/rear.

And here's a partial table for the 80/90 models:

443 959 257              9192         80   89-H-300001>>
441 959 257D                 9394     80              >>8C-P-300000 PR-9R2
441 959 257D                 9394     80              >>8C-R-030000 PR-9R1
443 959 257B                 9394     80   8C-R-000001>>            PR-9R2
443 959 257B                 9394     80   8C-R-030001>>            PR-9R1
443 959 257B                     95   80

I don't know the codes for this table, but I suspect
they're similar to the ones for the 100.

If you still have questions, I will try to answer on an individual car
basis, but I a) can't promise anything and b) will need to know some
details about the car in order to be able to tell anything.


Franco Barber                   feb@febsun.cmhnet.org
95 A6Q w/Gamma CD mit RDS!      Columbus, Ohio  USA