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How do you cause a Torsen spider bite?

Scott Justusson writes:
>That's two of us with the same chassis, same device as Phil P, with the same 
>"alignment" prior to the snap.  When I got bit in a 90q, it only had 1100 
>miles on the clock.  Brendans A4tq had 17k on it at Mosport Park, 88 80q had 
>less than 5kmiles on it....  All bites with witnesses.

Ok, I have been following this thread now (to the best of my limited
engineering ability, at least) for quite some time.  I still have not
figured out what exactly causes a bite to occur; that is, what would I
have to do to create the bite?

I have been to the track at Texas World Speedway several times now, and
cannot recall any Torsen-based Audi spinning due to unpredictable
behavior (some A4s have spun, but that has been due to driver error,
and I won't name q-lister names.... ;).  I have driven my father's
A4tq on that track, and never felt like the car did anything unpredictable.
I am certainly not at the driving level of Scott or Jeff, but I am
confident that I was at least at 9/10ths of what the car could do.
Likewise, several friends in A4s and one in a Coupe quattro have driven
that track on many occasions without complaint of bite-like behavior.
So my question, in my quest of trying to understand this issue, is

     Why _weren't_ we bitten?  What are we NOT doing to cause the bite?

'85 CGT, '82 urq
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