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Re: Windshield replacement-dealer or chain replacement shop?

> Craig D. Niederst wrote:
> > 
> > I am going to be contacting my insurance company on Monday about getting my
> > recently broken windshield replaced under glass coverage ($100 deductible).
> > Looking at Bentley, the procedure for windshield replacement looks like it
> > may be a bit tricky for a generic windshield / auto glass replacement shop.
> > Not to mention the stories I have heard on the List of improper removal
> > leading to scraped paint and rust, incorrect fit of windshield, etc. Am I
> > better off taking it to the dealer to have this done (do dealers even do
> > glass, or do they send the car out?), or are the generic windshield / auto
> > glass replacement shops OK? Any BTDT's appreciated. TIA.
> > 
> > Craig
> > '92 100S (84k)

> Craig

> Your Insurance company my not cover the windshield if the dealer does 
> the work.  I have Farmers and they have set prices with the windshield  
> replacement companys on what Farmers pays them for the job.  This may
>  be also the way your insurance company works.

It's unlikely that the dealer does it.  They usually sub-contract to
one of the local auto glass companies.  The trick is finding which one!
(My dealer said something like "We've just got to call xxxx to get
the rear window put back in" - this was when they were repairing the
95 90Q.  I have forgotten who xxxx was, but they did tell me.)

In general, they don't do enough to employ or train a glass specialist.