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4K leaking coolant

After a year and a half of hibernation my '86 4KQ is officially (and
legally) back on the road.  Outside of needing an alignment everything went
pretty smooth on my hour drive to work this morning  (Thank God I didn't
need the fire extinguisher my wife made sure was in the car).   That is
until I got off the highway for the last mile stretch to the office - Ahh,
the sweet smell of antifreeze wafting off of an exhaust manifold in the
morning!  The problem is I'm not a mechanic (not even close) but my
financial situation is requiring I become one... quick!  The other problem
is some ingenious German engineer decided to weld the battery shelf to the
engine compartment so I can't see exactly where the leak has sprung.  Can
someone shed some light on what is under that battery that might be leaking
(please say it is just a hose) and offer any suggestions on getting to it.
This is a duel purpose question since it is my understanding that the
center diff lock in the same area on this year and model and it wont lock.
I'm assuming it has frozen up and just needs some lube.