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Re: windshield replacement

I do agree that the rings are not necessary on the glass for it to be good.
But not all glass is the same. Some aftermarket glass meets the low DOT
standards, but not OEM standards. I actually work for PPG's glass division,
and our replacement glass is as good in quality/safety or better than the
OEM Sigla/Sekurit (St. Gobain glass products) glass. But I am, like you
were, concerned about the fit of the aftermarket glass and gaskets it comes
with. I am going to try for OEM glass, but probably will wind up with an
aftermarket unit (I will demand PPG in that case). Now I just have to find a
competent place to have it put in. I took the dealers advice on where to
have a
broken drivers window replaced form a break-in 2 years ago, and it took them
3 attempts with my Bentley in front of them to install it right. A
windshield installation is a much more difficult procedure, so I am a bit
hesitant to go back to this place.

'92 100S (85k)

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> Craig, I live in Mass and i just recently had my
> windshield replaced at my local dealer,(insurance Co.
> glass).1st go to someone you trust. thats first and
> foremost.2nd the glass doesn't make a big deal(name on
> it)you don't need the rings,understand insurance wont
> pay for the rings, I even asked the body shop guy
> about the glass I told him i'd booty up the extra
> monies for the O.E he told me glass is glass. Anyway
> if I were you i'd be concerned with the gaskets they
> use, there different than the ones that came off the
> car, I had to bring the car back to have it replaced
> again thats were my 3rd point comes in, he actually
> wasn't a (real)employee at the dealership they send
> out for that I guess the insurance Co. figures that
> were driving around in a chevy, or dodge or some other
> inferiour product there should be an insurance Co. for
> Audi ONLY. Sorry for the rant but you got to feel bad
> for those guys who have the more expencive Audis like
> 20v,v8,ect...well the moral to this story is you have
> to be on top of everything that happens to youre car
> when its out of youre sight. Good luck
> Ron
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