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Windshield replacement


I just went through this on my '89 200 turbo quattro.  Mine was chipped but
not cracked yet, and I just sprung the cost to get it replaced.  It was
pretty sandblasted too.  I paid a local shop with a good reputation to put
in an aftermarket replacement.  Quality of install and product were poor!  I
had them redo it at no additional charge and drop in an OE piece of glass,
trim, and seal, and do it right!!!!

Look in the manual first.  It may require use of spacers (not much to em,
but I ordered mine from the dealer and had the shop use them.

OK, now, an independent shop can do it fine (and Audi dealers usually
contract out to have thiers done anyways!).  FInd out where they go may be a
good idea.  But, make sure you ask around and find a shop that is guarunteed
to do a good job and will stand by thier work.  The shop I went to didn't do
the greatest job, but at least they stood behind it and fixed it (which was
the right thing to do).  I'm happy now.  Anyways, here are some things I
would reccoemend once you find a qualified shop.

1.  Use the OE glass, seal and trim!!!!  It costs more but is worth it!
2.  Don't get a silicone sealant!  Good shops all use butyl or polyeurethane
or something like that.
3.  Make them look at the manual (at least quickly) just to make sure there
isn't anything unusual that they don't know about.
4.  Make them remove the A-pillar covers before cutting out the old glass.
They ruined mine that way and I had to find new ones at a junkyard.
5.  Make sure they are very carefull not to scratch the paint around the
windshield when taking out the old one.  The shop I went to put some rather
tough masking tape around the areas around the windshield to make sure it
didn't get scratched.
BTW,  No matter how carefull he is, somewhere under there the paint is going
to get scratched off.... not visible, but it will!  So...
6.  Make sure he uses a primer to cover any exposed scratches before laying
the new windshield in place.
And, last but not least,
7.  Make sure they clean up any oozing sealant and clean off the windshield
when they are done (they have really good glass cleaner).

If you do all that, you should be fine!  I learned a lot more and finally
got it right the second time.  Won't make that mistake again.  Good luck.

89 200TQ
New glass is REALLY nice!  Clear view! :)