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Re: Mobil 1 for how long??

In message <005301bf18f0$dcb91d00$47906395@stephenb> "Stephen Bigelow" writes:

> From: Alexander van Gerbig <Audi_80@email.msn.com>
>> I keep the rpms quite high because of my 3 speed
>> autobox.  On the highway sometimes I'll stay at 5,000rpm for an hour, tough
>> on an engine and the oil.

> Holy cow!

> On Audrey, if i'm doing 5k in third, I'm in the last stages of maxing her
> out....115 mph or so. I certainly don't do that for an hour. Special
> occasions only.

I did a seminar in Hamburg once and stayed overnight.  The next day I
dropped by the office before leaving for Frankfurt and discovered an
emergency - a part was needed in Munich and air freight was out for some
reason.  It wasn't my job, but the customer was 'down'.  I had an Audi
100 auto non-turbo.  I basically redlined it all the way - about six
hours?  Then I took a _long_ break and drove back up to Frankfurt.

The I5 is built for it - Germans do it _ALL_ the time.  At least, they
_did_, before the Greens and congestion took their toll.

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