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newest qlister is here

We interrupt the torsen-piss, er, my ego-is-greater-than-yours list, 
with some great news:

Please welcome our newest qlister, Aine (pronounced "ahn-yuh") Grace Simoes.
She was born at 4:54am today, 5 weeks early, but seems to be doing fine.

Dad was in NYC when he got the call and had to take the train up to White 
Plains, but made up for it with a spirited dash home in the green 95 S6 wagon.

>From there, we went to the hospital and were put in the hands of the competent
doctor, who drives... a green 95 S6 wagon. 

No, it's not for sale.  Yes, I asked (not last night though!)

| Dan |
Dan Simoes