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Re: newest qlister is here


Dan Simoes wrote:

> We interrupt the torsen-piss, er, my ego-is-greater-than-yours list,
> with some great news:
> Please welcome our newest qlister, Aine (pronounced "ahn-yuh") Grace Simoes.
> She was born at 4:54am today, 5 weeks early, but seems to be doing fine.
> Dad was in NYC when he got the call and had to take the train up to White
> Plains, but made up for it with a spirited dash home in the green 95 S6 wagon.
> >From there, we went to the hospital and were put in the hands of the competent
> doctor, who drives... a green 95 S6 wagon.
> No, it's not for sale.  Yes, I asked (not last night though!)
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