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Re: Type 44 rear sway bar (and some bitching)

In a message dated 10/24/99 5:58:21 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
vegener@post7.tele.dk writes:

<< Many of us listener's to the different threads at the Audi-fans "round
 are not proffesional considering cars. But we have the interest.
 We don't have the possibillity of just trying different brands of springs,
 or sway bars. We don't have a garage to do the exchanging of components
 so every "hopefully" improvement have to be paid for and the choose of
 components depend on our own private vallet and what we thought to be
 And we don't have a slaloom track to veryfie and document the results but
 to believe in "feelings" when we are cornering on publich roads.
 I find that the different information from all participants are valuable to
  We don't have to make the same errors again and again and the mind is
 opened up
 for solutions never thought about.
 Claus Vegener

    Yes, I agree.  I am as you are.  But I have learned, when concerning 
automotive knowledge, that cheating does not work.  When I started  becoming 
an Audi enthusiast, I bought a 4kq.  A week later I went down to the junk 
yard, saw a complete 5kt motor, and asked a shop if they could install it.  
When they said no, I considered doing it myselt.  At that time (about 7 years 
ago), conversions were extremely rare, if not at all.  A letter in European 
car at that time said that they had never seen or hear of one.  Well, I 
figured the turbo should just bolt up, since they looked interchangeable (in 
my ignorant state, I thought the intake manifold was the turbo!).  However, a 
week later when I needed to change the thermostat, I took it to a shop to 
have them perform it because I did not have the first clue.  
    It was then that I realized that if I ever wanted to do a turbo 
conversion, or even install a cam, that I would need to learn the most basic 
functions, and go from there.  I hear people asking about doing turbo 
conversions (including some on this list), and they do not even understand 
the most basic functions of the stock motor and peripherals.  In fact, these 
characters can often be spotted when they say, "I'm thinking of _throwing_ in 
a turbo".  Some have even made the same mistake as I had in thinking the IM 
was the turbo.  It is kind of a joke, and it makes me chuckle.
    My point was, and is, that it is ok to take the BTDT experience of others 
(as I even offered in that posting for my CGT rear sway bar), but use it as 
one aspect or variable of your overall decision.  The problem is that some 
are saying do it, and others are saying don't.  What are YOU going to do now? 
 I say try it and LEARN something.  If you dont have the time, then keep 
working and buy a car that already has what you want on it, or pay a shop 
tons of money to blindly do it for you (often reffered to as 'blank check" in 
the stereo world).  
    Mark this, however:  There is no cheating.  You either put in your time 
or stand on the side lines and take advice like a sheep.  Ask those on this 
list who contribute the most, no one told them what they know.  They know by 
experience, and so should you all...
Javad Shadzi
1988 80Q
Still learning, and a long way to go...