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Why I love my car...

Forgive me while I vent:

I purchased my 85 5KS in 93.  I paid 3 grand for it.  Within 30 days of 
owning it, it required a water pump/timing belt (can't remember).
Then came a full tune-up a 6 months later, cv joint replacement, and then 
over the next 5 years: front shocks, transmission rebuild, new tires, brakes, 
antenna, battery, modifications for 'kicking' stero system, parking brake 
cable, window regulator, blower motor (twice - dont buy used electrical), 
wheel bearings, transmission shift cable (twice), transimission replacement, 
shock (all 4) replacement, rotors, drums, rear brake cylinders, rear bumper 
replacement (thank you California stops),  radiator replacement, distributor 
replacement (broken hall sender),  2 starters, brake pressure equalizer, and 
most recently, the conversion to manual tranny, exhaust manifold re-fitting, 
sway bar upgrade with poly bushings, and an alternator (thank you Floyd).... 

Going on 7 years with owning this car...  I hear all the time that "I should 
get a new car"...  and quite sick of hearing it.  I like my car, it still 
looks decent (few dings, minor rust over rear bumper), I enjoy driving it, I 
even enjoy fixing it...  As far as I am concerned, the car paid for itself 
within the first 2 years... 
I never drop more than 1500$ a year into my car (with the exception of this 
year... but I figured I at least owed the car that)...  compared to the 
4-500$ payments all my friends are making for their new cars, who are in the 
same situation I am in... a year or 2 or 3 fresh out of college, paying out 
the gluteus maximus in student loan payments...
However, I have found that doing my own work on the car is very rewarding... 
it is a welcome diversion from the type of problem solving I have to deal 
with on a daily basis at work (sitting in front of a computer mostly)... With 
my car, I get to use my hands,  work outside, listen to the radio, drinking a 
few brews... Why would I want to give that up?

85 5KS