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Re: '90V8Q-Transmission Cooling??

Another try...I did not receive any response on the question below, and I
REALLY need some advice. Anyone with any experience in dealing with the
transmission cooling system on this type of Audi??? I would appreciate any
thoughts. Thanks

At 03:52 PM 10/20/99 -0400, rich maloney wrote:
> I have a 1990 V8 Quattro and am dealing with an ongoing transmission
>problem. It is my understanding that the transmission fluid is cooled by
>flowing through a transmission cooling system that is in the radiator.
>1) What temperature range should that fluid run going "into" the cooling
>system? What should it be coming out? 
>2)When the hose at the bottom only is detached t-fluid comes out. When the
>hose at the top only is detached t-fluid comes out. Shouldn't the t-fluid
>only come out of the the hose which sends it back to the transmission not
>the one that intakes the heated fluid? Or is this result of some kind of
>vacumn etc. Just want to know if it is normal?
>3)Where (ie manual etc) would I find information on the workings of the
>transmission cooling system in this car?
>Any other ideas why my fluid seems to overheat (more noticeable in hot
>weather with AC on)? After it gets too hot then I get spillage from the
>overflow hole.
>Any ideas appreciated.
>rich <ram1@mindspring.com>
rich <ram1@mindspring.com>