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Re: Adding fuel

Save your breathe, Scott.

I'll post as I please, until Dan tell me otherwise.
Are you writing on his behalf? Or behalf of the entire list?

Btw, if you're spending your time researching me, you've got too much time
on your hands. Not to mention taking time to write to people to tell them
not to post.

business practices? huh?

oh, right.

"The Rules for Scott.....and The Rules for Everyone Else."

Have a lovely day, Scott ol' buddy.


>From: QSHIPQ@aol.com <QSHIPQ@aol.com>
>>Minimum membership (no fee, just to SAE:) to the posting on this topic:
>>*  C368/88  Chocholek>*  885140 B. Heibing et.al.>
>>Without the above you have irroneous variables entered into the torsen
>>>All of us _must_ read up on the newest posting rules from the "quattro
>>>front line".Steve B
>I've done my research into the owner of audrey.  A lot of newfound balls
>a guy that joined the list in 1996 - november.  With a front driver ur5k,
>lots of nagging common 5k problem posts.  Little real content, mostly one
>Do yourself a favor, if you want to make a fool of yourself on the list
>that's fine.  Spare the rest of us your i-net Amway business practices.
>Scott J