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RE: No spark 4ktq project

A couple of thoughts.  I had a car towed to my shop with the same problem.  
After a long diagnostic procedure, it indeed was the rpm and tdc reference 
hookups reversed.  I swapped them, and the car started.  Give it a try.

Also, I have found distributors to be so far out of spec, that the tdc marks 
in the distributor were not close to the window.  You can be as far out as 2 
degrees, then the window will prevent proper spark fire.  You can move the 
dist a 1/4 turn in either direction (small increments please) and find fire.  
I also found this while diagnosing a car at a quattro club event with Keith 
Anderson.  What happens in the Urq, is that the swelling of the head when 
warm, is enough to kick the dist timing reference out of the window.  
Remember, the dist timing only has to be in synch to start the car, it will 
run fine off tdc after start (albeit in the mac11 cars it will code) until 
you shut the car down, then no restart.  

Also, recheck your <0> tdc reference on the flywheel the cam and the dist. 
Fuel should be an easy ck.  If you have a spark problem, the cause is pretty 
limited (you may also want to ck the connectors in the plastic electrical 
connector going into the dist - common audi part failure, most dealers stock 

You can also pull the starter out to make sure you have the tdc pin in the 
flywheel, and that it's straight.


Scott Justusson